“If you don’t wanna be found, there’s several ways to go about it, but the easiest is to just go to Ziamah.” – Jerod Pendel, Rogue

Jesha – Ziamah Chair. Though not a large town, Jesha is the wealthiest and most well built city in Ziamah, or so they say.

Nonn – Town built entirely on stilts. A haven for criminals, widows, and badgers. Home and Base of operations of Mr. Nathaniel Flynn

Kint – Kint is a port town, built in the Druin Cliffdweller style.

Raab – A Small muckfarming community. Why do they farm muck? I don’t know.

Ft. Tigress – A fortified town that is home to the Peaksters. Called the Gateway to Sudal, possibly cause it’s the only road into sudal that has a gate.


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