“No one in their right mind would ever go to Sudal. Are you in your right mind, boy?” – Iberic Feythal, Owner of Five Knives.

Ovan – Old mining town, now relatively few inhabitants. Taliand is considering annexing Ovan and it’s surroundings due to the fact that there are no roads from other Sudalese cities to Ovan except through Taliand

Maibar – Sudal Chair, Built at the foot of a dormant vocano. Perhaps the most easily defensible city in Blume, was strategic in the war of the dukes.

Mina – Built from the cliffs of Sudal by the Druins centuries ago, Mina is a moderately sized town that is home to mining and sports industries. The annual Marble fish and Surfing tournaments are held there in the 5th and 7th months, respectively

Edge – The southernmost settlement in blume, a small farming community, supplementing it’s economy with tourism to the local ruins on isle Ouranion


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