“Sometimes when you look up at the night sky you can almost see another world – a better world.” – Larou Algeneve

Porove is the northernmost province in Blume. It is marked by high mountains and vast deserts, collectively called the Porovian desert. It’s major cities are as follows:

Alleiv – the “City on the mountaintop”, (think macchu Picchu), Alleiv is a community of shepherds, craftsmen, and the roost of many Nakat Bards and Minstrels.

Breistle – Porove Chair. a city built in the Druin Cave Dweller fashion, and claimed as the largest Port on the East Coast. Due to it’s construction, Breistle is well protected from the dangers of the desert encroaching around it.

Forstohne – So called because of the four monoliths at the towns center, the town is built in an oasis, whose wells seem to be magically derived. It is rumored that the monoliths provide protection from the inhospitability of the desert. Forstohne has been fortified in recent years, and is a location of the highly respected Forstohne University.

Micah – The very first Sicahn Settlement in Blume. The Porovian Desert is threatening to cut it off from the rest of the country. Micah is named after the Chief priest of the Micahnist faith, who led the Sicah to Blume. Micah is also a waypoint for travellers on the way to the Wall, or for people stupid enough to go further.

Zalza – Border town between Sorena and Porove, residing at the northern end of the Zigla hills. A small farming community.


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