Many people from various walks of life may find themselves braving the dangers of the unknown for glory, honor, duty, or money. These adventurers often fall into one of the following Job Categories.

(Here’s two alternatives depending on your preference. If you’re sticking to core rules (rules that have been tested and balanced by professionals), the first class list contains only 3rd edition classes. The second list is the one I am using, as it fits the flavor of Blume better, but it has not been tested much.)

3rd Ed. standard classes

Paladin – Referred to as Holy Knight.

Wizard – Wizards tend to be treated with suspicion, as Blume’s inhabitants are very superstitious people. Physical spell components are encouraged.

Druid – Referred to as Shaman. Often treated with suspicion by followers of Micah. Shamans fulfill clerical roles for those practitioners of the native faiths, and in more remote areas tend to be community leaders.

Clerics – Clerics choose patron deities from among the gods of Micah rather than those presented in the Core rules. These gods are listed under Faces of Blume in the Spirits section. Note: Clerics of Risha are not legally allowed to practice in Blume, as Risha is a trickster goddess and viewed in an unfavorable light.

Barbarians, Fighters, Rogues, Bards, and Monks remain unchanged.

Sorcerers do not currently exist in Blume.

Modified Core Classes

Barbarian – A tribal warrior familiarized with the benefits of brute force
See the PHB
Warrior – A soldier well trained in the arts of sword and shield
Currently, This class is identical to the Fighter presented in the PHB
Brawler – a skilled warrior in the arts of hand to hand combat
Currently, this class is identical to the Monk presented in the PHB
Holy Knight – A warrior devoted to the cause of his deity and blessed in his pursuits
As of now, this class is identical to the Paladin presented in the PHB
Rogue – Cloaked in darkness, the rogue is an adept thief, scout, and neer-do-well
See the PHB
Minstrel – travelling bards and jack of all trades
Currently, this class is identical to the Bard presented in the PHB
Druid – mysterious dark sorcerers who follow the ways of nature
See the PHB
Shaman – the medicine man of the tribal lands
A new class, a mixture between rangers, clerics, and druids, with some new abilities (not the same as the 4th edition shaman, of which I have no knowledge). Casts both Arcane and Divine spells as divine.
Cleric – Priest and representative of the gods.
Similar to the Cleric presented in the PHB, with some differences
Ranger – A hunter and warrior of the wilderness
See the PHB

Prestige Classes



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