Dorea Salza – Sicahn wizard of Sorena, executed as a witch in the year 100

Nathaniel Flynn – Sicahn rogue of Nonn, involved with illegal smuggling and blackmail operations

Jason Rand – Sicahn Fighter and captain of the Nonn city police.

Derik Veinam – Wandering Scholar

Miriam Donesellah, Sicahn Alchemist of Khist, botanist, owner of the green glen

Velen Fehnas II, son of Velen Fehnas

Velen Fehnas, Cleric of Sorena, residing on the Holy Isle

Atreus – Cleric of Sudal, wants to ascend to godhood. Father of Eriso.

Helim Butraut – Potel Patron Cleric of Breland

Moromer Benzin – Druin Patron Cleric of Ziamah

Frey Duporte, Sicahn Rogue

Albertus Rudolphe, Famous Druin Fighter of Sorena

Anterro Septis III, knight superior of the holy hand, from the court of duke grialgo of Sorena

Arlo The Bard, Nakat

Larou Algeneve

Chris Chonderson.

Milataleekitana, The old one

Jerod Pendel, Rogue

Iberic Feythal, Owner of Five Knives.

Fred the Warmage.

Leep Defenel, Owner of the Black end tavern.

Madame Rocheforde, Breland Potel Elder

Mr. Jonas Pritchard, Potel gentleman of Breland, master of Alabanstre Hall in Penthon. Retired stonemason responsible for the grand mark in the Capitol, Khist. Was also involved in Politics.

Ereniea Silen – Member of a gang of rogues, Twilight, hired by the Odessa Cult to assasinate the son of a cleric. Eventually becomes posessed by a Water Sprite in the actions following the failed assasination. She was inducted into the Gang at an early age. Her parents were raped and killed and she was in the process of being raped when she was discovered by a Cleric, who killed the rapist and took her as his own. This Cleric later joined the Gang. That or He dropped her off at the Gang, who is known for taking in orphans.

Eriso – Son of one of the Clerics in the Capitol, currently studying in a monastery in Sorena. Embarks to find out the truth behind his father’s aggressive political moves.

Kitana – A rogue in the gang Twilight

Boshnak – Yushuk rogue in the gang Twilight. Adept at picking locks or just breaking in.

Podala – Leader of the gang Twilight

Fwen – A streetswoman in the gang Twilight

Shushunuki – Leader of the River Tribe.

Ishikikulu – Leader of the Lake Tribe

Okoromkalaka- Leader of the Mountain Tribe

Izhishidanka- Leader of the Sea Tribe

Zochoshanaka – Leader of the Grove Tribe

Appa Zolora – Centurel Duke of Radagast.

Zeke Shenai – Potel Duke of Breland.

Frensa Grialgo – Duke of Sorena, Sicahn

Castor Lian – Duke of Porove

Mie Theysa – Duchess of Sudal (Nakat)

Lorben Ike – Duke of Ziamah

Mark Robel – Duke of Taliand

Feesh – Duke of Willowmarch

Spoof – Rogue

Prod – Rogue

Aleron – Druin Wizard

Argh – Potel Fighter

Tokee – Nakat Rogue

Muna – Centurel Shaman (Druid)

Igle – uncle of Tokee

Eena – aunt of tokee, recently deceased

Places: Holy Isle

Organizations: Knights of the Holy Hand The Clerics


The Druins and the Nymphs hate each other bitterly. This is because of their heritage. They both share the same father, The Tempest God Oriiush. However, the mother of the Nymphs is Gaea, spirit of the woodlands and the small waters, while the mother of the Druins is Mara, the great ocean spirit.

Astis – Son of Mara Azal – son of Mara

Calypso – a nymph Nymphs – These are the main types of nymphs. Nypmhs are creatures that are bound to a certain area and cannot leave. They are often protectors of their habitats

Sea Nymphs (Nereids ) – These are rare due to the dominance of the Druins on the waves. However, a few Sea nymphs still live along the coasts in the east.

Pool Nymphs (Pegaeae) – Fairly common in the wilderness, live in ponds in secluded groves.

Brook Nymphs (Napaeae) – Dwell in the mountain streams of Sudal

City Nymphs (Erytheia) – A very few nymphs have taken to life amongst the civilized peoples.

Sky Nymphs (Auloniads) – It is said that these nymphs can fly, and some have been seen living on the airborne isles.

Deep Nymphs (Oreads) – live in caves and grottoes

There are other, lesser kinds, separated by dwellings and appearance.

Dryads – Similar to nymphs, only bound to the earth instead of the water. It is unsure whether they are related to nymphs or not.

Hamadryads (oak tree and others)

Meliae (manna-ash tree)

Leuce (white poplar tree)

Epimeliad (apple tree)

Gods Of Micah

Feagrim – Law(Sorena),LG (Good, Law, Protection, Destruction)
Halphet – War (Fire) (axe)(Sudal),LG (Good,War, Fire, Strength)
Mikalla – Nature (Earth) (Willowmarch),NG (Good, Earth, Animal, Plant)
Shalhar – Travel (Wind) (Porove) CG Good, Air, Travel, Luck
Orim – Healing (Water) (Taliand) NG Good, Healing, Water, Magic
Sempirus – Life/Death (Radagast) N Death, Law, Destruction, Healing
Zishu – Time/Dreams (Ziamah) CN Magic, Trickery, Luck, Chaos
Breaga – Love/Fertility (Breland) LN Good, Knowledge, Protection, Sun

Risha – Trickery/Crime (No Patronage) NE Trickery, Knowledge, Evil,


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