“Breland was meant for two kinds of people – The Elderly, the Potel, and Poets. Two more Binbeers sirr, snap snap!” – Arlo the Bard.

Breland is perhaps the most hospitable province in Blume, and it’s rolling hills are the native land of the Potel. Many rivers, including the Bryne and the Kipsy, flow from the Ziglas Hills down to it’s western coastlands, making Breland a very fertile stretch of Blume’s breadbasket. Further up in the hills dwell many famous winemakers.

Viene – Home of 4 vintners and an Operahouse. Fun for a weekend getaway. At the base of the Ziglas Hills.

Penthon – A peaceful community of Potel builders who end up being hired to do a lot of construction in the capitol.

Fredah – Largest port on the west coast – well, except for the capitol. A bustling trade center.

Nelle – Breland Chair. Town built on ancient ruins, which have largely become sewers.

Ft. Stonemouth – Training grounds for the Blume National Guard, and home of Meko’s Pizzarea and fast food, one block away from the decapitation grounds. Bring the kids!


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