Campaign 2 - Session 1 - Introduction

Tochi (Tosh P.), a Nakat rogue living in the capitol, Khist, has racked up some fines. She has been living with her friends Argh (Potel fighter, Matthew V.), Aleron (Druin Wizard, Mikey C.), and Munah (Centurel Shaman, Tiffany H.), but they haven’t been able to pay their rent, and with the fines on top of that, they are strapped for cash (started them out with 1gp each).

News comes from Ziamah that Tochi’s aunt Eena has passed away, a tragedy with a hidden blessing – She has left Tochi 700 gp in her will. Tochi and her roommates set out for Ziamah to attend the funeral, scattering of ashes, and to collect the willed money.

They set out with a travelling caravan of merchants and make it Nioloosk, where they split ways with the caravan. As they descend the slopes of the plateau of Radagast, they see the swamps of Ziamah and the most beautiful sunset they’ve yet seen. Eventually they reach the city of Jesha and spend the night at the inn there.

In the morning they set out for Nonn, where Eena lived, to stay with her brother Eigle. On the way they encounter a stranger blocking the road, cloaked in darkness, but when they call out to him, he vanishes. Continuing along the wooden-plank roads that wind through the marshes, they encounter a Soldier of Nonn returning home from his rounds, and he escorts them to the city.

Nonn is built on raised plank pathways and platforms stretching over an inlet of the sea, which is very disturbing to Argh, who is afraid of water. Aside from a brief run in between Munah and the city guard, who disapprove of her nudist tendencies, they have a fairly uneventful stay in Nonn, and the ceremony for the passing of aunt Eena is beautiful and tear jerking.

To drown her sorrows, Tochi heads to the local pub with Argh, who passes out after the first drink. Tochi soon follows, and when she wakes up at uncle Eigle’s the next day, she discovers her money is completely gone! Oh noes!

While she asked around town for the location of the money, she came to suspect a certain soldier, and decided to pickpocket him. While running from the scene of the crime, she runs into a cloaked stranger, who knocks her out with sleeping gas. Meanwhile, Aleron and the rest of the gang explore town, and Aleron’s tattoo is spotted…

4 days ingame



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