C2-S3- The Rod of St. Eleric

Date: Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 Players: Mikey C, Matthew V, Tosh P, Meg V

Having defeated the wyrmling, the party had camped out on the doorstep of the Mist Cave. The morning came, leaving them strangely refreshed. However, they found in the morning that Bim and Munah had left during the night. Anterro explained this, and told the party to take care of Munah’s Willowbear companion until her return. (This was a sort of shallow coverup of the fact that the two couldn’t make it to game)

Anterro also reminded the party that they needed to get their pay, and showed some concern for the whereabouts of mr. ents. So with their bellies full of bacon (the best Argh has ever had), they set out back down the slopes of Northeast Sudal and back to Ft. Tigress.

Meanwhile, Illyana Bianchi(Sicahn Cleric, Meghan V)was awakened from a shadowy dream of combat by a knock at her room door. Her superior, Deacon Alderidge, thanked her for coming all the way from Syndrachil to be present for his Deaconship ceremony. Now, he had a new task for her – to find the holy staff of st. Eleric, which has been recently entombed and is supposed to be effective against the undead. Illyana, however, was feeling rather insubordinate, and after narrowly agreeing to comply, she decided to go find the staff and keep it for herself. She then goes back to sleep, until she is awakened by a loud noise.

When Argh, Aleron, Tochi, and Anterro returned to town, Argh forgot that he was broke and went to Chuck’s general store to buy some more bacon. There they met Will Ents again, who wondered why they didn’t save his donkeys from the kobolds. After they told him of the dragon, he freaked out and took his leave. The party then went to the black end tavern to find Flynn. After asking the tavern owner about Flynn, he went into an uproar about how Flynn owed him money. The noise was so loud that it woke Illyana upstairs, who came down to investigate. The owner told the party he saw Flynn at the east gate of town, and that he wanted to kill him but couldn’t.

Anterro bid the party farewell and went back to his priestly duties. Then Argh noticed Illyana and her tree (she carries a 7 ft tall sapling oak tree wherever she goes, including indoors. I have no idea why. I love my wife.), and introduces himself to her. After a few exchanged words, the party left for the east gate to find Flynn, who was out in the woods relieving himself. He thanked them for their work, and made good on his promise by paying them 700 gold. After giving them a hint about Deacon Alderidge’s desire of some staff that, as they say, is on an island east of Nonn, he bids the farewell. As a final note, he shows Aleron his tatoo, one that’s exactly the same as the one Aleron has, a comb shaped thing with 10 teeth. Aleron was shocked (haha!). Flynn asked one last favor, that Aleron notify him of any clue as to where these tats came from.

By this time, Illyana was packed, and she met with the three adventurers at the gate. As is typical of Aleron’s player, there was a charm spell involved, and suddenly Illyana remembered that she’s known Aleron all her life, although she didn’t know from where. After some chit chat, she is convinced to join forces to find this staff.

The four travelled to Raab, muckfarming capitol of the world – only, turns out that muck is half mud, half salt, and only one guy eats it because he’s literally dirt poor. Other than that, not much happened, and Tochi did some excellent roleplaying, changed the life of nameless muckfarmer B, and got a free sleep at his house. (Argh slept outside to guard the tree. He is a gentlemanlyman. he heard kiddy laughing in the night)

Next a jaunt to Kint, and a trek on the east road to Nonn. They made camp, kept watch, and encountered a zombie rat which was detected by Illyana, but snuck up on Tochi and poisoned her, putting her to sleep for the rest of the game (Tosh got sick and had to take a leave of absence for the rest of the night). they managed to turn the rat, and laid Tochi to sleep in the wagon. The next morning they continued on their trek until they came across what looked like a road marker, obelisk shaped, completely unadorned, radiating a slight magic aura. Argh removed it from the ground, and at the bottom of it was a strange symbol, which Illyana identified as an archaic symbol meaning church or temple. After searching the area, they found an abandoned road leading east through the swamp. This is the Road Flynn told them of.

After about an hour walking this trail, with Aleron up ahead, the encounter a den of spiders, which they manage to cut through. Cue Final Fantasy victory music. They continue through the swamp on this winding, twisting path, and make it to a spot that looks firm enough to make camp. Aleron gets first watch, and during the night he hears weeping out in the dark, very close. He calls out, and a young naked girl comes to the clearing, claiming she had a friend lost out in the woods. This was a Swamp Witch (custom creature), disguised as a Nymph, who continued to attempt charm person casts on Aleron, but he saved each time. He covered the girl up with a blanket and brought her close to the fire, feeling odd about the whole situation. He turned to wake up Illyana, and when he turned back he was hit by the hags horrifying gaze. He kept from being debilitated, but could not keep from vomiting. Illyana woke up and saw the uglyness as well, and the fight ensued, with Argh waking up a round later from the noise. After warding of the nasty bites, with Aleron getting poisoned, they managed to kill the hag, who withered before their eyes into an ancient looking skeleton. They then went to sleep, but none of them had enough rest due to bad dreams, and had to get a late start.

The Next day around 1 in the afternoon, they started out, and by 4 they made it to the sea. A mile away lay a huge island, and they found that the water separating the landmasses was no more than a foot deep. They managed to get the hydropobic Argh and the rickety cart across this stretch in an hour, and on the opposite shore they found a tropical paradise. A path from the beach up to the interior of the island lead to a large building, 170 ft wide at it’s front, with a solid looking door at the top of a stepped patio. On either side of the patio were mulberry bushes. They decided to sneak around the building to the north, and they discovered the courtyard, which had been made into a makeshift pig pen. There was also a small graveyard, and two large oak trees. The big double doors were very ornate, and looked like a main entrance. There was also a side door. They decided to go in through the side door, and began exploring the cafeteria, the pantry, kitchen, and main hall of the shrine. The most interesting thing about this whole place is that it looks rather well kept up, and there are even torches burning in the cafeteria and main hall. They went east into the main chapel, and Illyana recognized the image of the statue on the south end as one of Risha, Goddess of trickery. They tried to peer into the back of the chapel, which was sealed behind iron bars, and saw a casket, a channel full of roses leading up to it, and a great stained glass mural of a priest receiving a rod and a stone from Risha.

They turned around to find an old man kneeling at the altar praying. They talked with him, and he called himself The Caretaker. He talked some about the chapel, as it used to be a monastery. A little more background, such as that a bunch of clerics came two weeks ago to entomb st. Eleric, who was a good man, and they were mean. He offered them beds for the night, but before they turned in, they took a peek in the library, and found many interesting books, including Fen of doom, the Mecksa, and The Tome of xxxx, which had a porcelain key in the cover of it. They also investigated the paintings in the monastery commons, where they found a chest full of about 500gp worth of jewels and shells (which they left alone) and a map of the capitol with five locations marked on it (behind a painting of the capitol, they pocketed this.).

The next morning they tried to find out how to get into the tomb, and Aleron contemplated breaking through the stained glass. However, after being reminded about the key, they search the chapel and manage to find the keyhole at the base of the altar. The key shattered after turning, and the iron bars disappeared. They entered the tomb, and faced their final challenge.

The coffin was solid marble, with an effigy of st. eleric, as well as his name, on top. The Magic trap in the room will be taken from my notes:

**Magic lock

_This lock can only be unlocked by solving the puzzle, and all disable device attempts fail. The lock consists of four “traps” that must all be activated at the same time (same round) to break the seal to the coffin. _

Water trap: A fountain at the back of the statue of Worship overflows into a channel running into a hole in the base of the coffin. This channel must be blocked, such that no water reaches the coffin, to break the trap.

(East) Earth trap: A bed of roses runs up to the coffin. All the roses must be killed or otherwise removed to break the trap.

(South) Sky trap: A shaft of light shines on the southern face of the coffin, refracted by the stone depicted in the stained glass, such that the light is visibly different than the rest of the light in this dim room. Note, this light is magically produced,, and thus shines even at night. The light must be blocked or stopped magically to break the trap.

(West) Fire Trap: An eternal flame burns along a channel to the coffin, burning an unseen fuel. The flame must all be extinguished in some way to break the trap.

After much mucking around, the four, along with help from the caretaker, cracked the code, and the coffin, lifted the newly found lid, and removed the staff.

Cue victory music.

Note: PCs are now lv 2

6 days in game



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