C2-S2 - The Mist Cave

Tochi awakes in an abandoned looking shack in the lower levels of Nonn. In front of her stands the cloaked man, who (with a cajun voice) introduces himself as Nathaniel Flynn (Sicahn Rogue, lv6). He apologizes for the informalities, but explains his desire to not see her arrested and to speak in private. He offers his condolences on the loss of her Aunt and heirloom, claiming to be very close to whatsername-eena-oh-yeah. He also offers reimbursement, for a favor in return, because favors are more valuable than gold. He requests that Tochi go to mist cave and destroy and egg there, a big black one. And she must bring the egg shell back, and he will give her 1000 gold, 300 in advance.

To save time on blogging about his speech to her, here’s my DM notes:

He apologizes for the drama, but insists it was neccesary, for a guard had seen Tokee picking the pocket, and Flynn had to get her away from the danger. As for aleron, well, Flynn wasn’t sure what Aleron would try. He apologizes as well for stealing the money, but it was just too tempting. He knew aunt eena. Anyway, Flynn needs a favor, because he needs to pay back a favour, cause as we all know, favors are more valuable than cash. With this in mind, he offers them the 700 gold back, with an extra 300 in advance as a sign of goodwill, if they will do a favor for him. He needs them to go to mist cave and destroy a big black egg there. And come back. He can take them as far as Ft. Tigress, but he cannot go in himself, for a reason he won’t explain, as it’s too embarassing. As for ft. tigress, he’s sorta kinda wanted there, although he’s trying to work that out with the duke of Ziamah. (he’s alergic to the glowing moss,, long story). If they need more reason to trust him, he’ll flash his tatoo at them.

The full story, which he will reveal later, is that the duchess of Sudal, Mie Theysa, happens to be a Holy knight of very high caliber. In her youth, she did much adventuring, but now limits her exploits to hunting dragons and dragon eggs in the mountains of her domain, as she hates dragons and gets paid well by the clerics to keep blume dragon free. About a month ago Mie was out hunting and found a black dragon slithering through a creekbed. She felled the beast single handedly, but was worried that it might have left eggs behind, as it was female.

Come to find out, Flynn is a personal friend of the Duchess going way back, and they still write to each other. So, when Flynn intercepted a group of kobold shamans in the swamp while on a catfishing trip talking about a dragon egg, he was quick to dispatch…er, “send home” the group, while inviting one to his home for a pleasant bit of conversation, lasting 2 days. That kobold is now probably somewhere in yushuk lands being eaten, but Flynn found out the location of the egg. Unfortunately, the Duchess is unable to destroy the egg, as she has the flu, and Flynn cannot go himself, as he is allergic to the moss that grows in the cave, it causes him to lose his hair and grow boils. So he needed someone trustworthy, which is hard to come by in the world of thieving, especially in ziamah, so he decided to watch the road for foolish travellers that might be bribed. He planned to bribe our adventurers, but come to find out, aleron has the tat, and he was friends with aunt eena.

Come to find out, Flynns got a price on his head for aroud 5000g, and the duchess of Sudal took care of it, which is why he owes her, and he is also very good friends with her and doesn’t want to disappoint.

Anyway, some of that info was given out, but not much of it, and Tochi was convinced, so she was to round up her friends and meet back with Flynn in an hour. She did, and they set off, going on a secret road through the swamp that led straight to Ft. Tigress. Flynn escorted them to the city, but refused to enter the city because he is cough wanted there cough. The black end tavern was set up as a meeting place, and with that their paths parted, with 300 given ahead of time.

BTW on the trip to the city they saw a house on fire, and went to investigate. They saw heerahbem longliff (Centurel Rogue, Eddie S.) bewoeing his house burning to the ground. After some unhelpful banter from the townsfolk, Aleron casts charm person to convince “Bim” to help them on their quest. Since Bim was charmed, and really had nothing better to do, he went with them, and the group spent the night at the Inn.

The next day some cash was dropped for supplies, then our heroes headed up the road to the cave. After braving the steep slope leading to the cave, and slipping several times, they entered carefully through the old rickety door, panda and all. Mist cave was very, well, misty, and hard to see inside. In their exploration, they had several encounters, as follows:

rubbish heap

dire rats

waterfall going down a hug pit

glowing moss

docile camel crickets

giant trout and hints at a fairy settlement courtesy of a magic sign saying “don’t feed the fish”

Frog-like kobolds, and aiding Anterro Septis III, knight superior of the holy hand, from the court of duke grialgo of Sorena, and Wil Ents, Donkey enthusiast. I kid you not. I can’t make this stuff up. Oh wait, I did.

Big black dragon (oops, turns out that eggs hatched after all). Wil Ents Pees his pants and beats a retreat.

After a harrowing battle, the group succeeded, and found a small amount of treasure that the kobolds had brought to the wyrmling. Cue Final Fantasy victory music. The party then left the cave and camped out at the top of the slope and wondered where Will Ents ran off to. Sleep.

3 days in game



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